how top brands go deeper than just promoting products
Cognitive biases that influence people to buy
Lessons from "Hooked" and "The Power of Habit"
In recent years, design has forgot about depth and detail and has now become flat and simple. No outlines, shadows, 3D-ness, and in some cases, no…
Your landing page has less than 3 seconds to hook visitors. If they only read this text on your page, will they know exactly what you offer? Or even…
“I want to make $1 million dollars in 3 months.” That’s what Nikita Bier told his friends in a group chat about their current work plans. So with a team…
How they stood out in a boring market to grow to $700M
Customer obsession for the win
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Huddle Up
Huddle Up
Joseph Pompliano

Don't Be Boring